Sylvie Zijlmans & Hewald Jongenelis
"Fulltime Economics"
The exhibition at the CEAC showed new works and installations.

January 2008
Kaleb de Groot and Roosje Klap
"Exquisite Gunpowder City 16 Shot"

March 2008
Amy Wong
"Work on wonder"

April 2008
Sara Riel
"Made in China"

May 2008
Vroegop and Schoonveld
"On display"

June 2008
Andrew Kelly
"Apparent Nothing"

June / Juli 2008
Cecile van der Heiden,
" Monkey subdues the white bone demon "

September/ October 2008
Xu Huijing and Virginie Bailly
" The Earth, the Human Being and Behind the Wall "

November / December 2008
A cooperation between Xiamen Univerity Art College and the Sandberg Institute Amsterdam
"You can miss things you never had

November / December 2008
Jaring Lokhorst and Chantal Spit
" Sweet & Sour "

November / December 2008
The Consul General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Mr Antonus van Zeeland
together with the Chinese European Art Center and the artist Mr Marco van Duyvendiijk
" Spring Island and other stories "

December 2008 / Januari 2009
Iva Supic
"Groundwork 1, 9 series"