"You can miss things you never had
A cooperation between Xiamen Univerity Art College and the Sandberg Institute Amsterdam

  • Nina Glockner
  • Jenny Lindblom
  • Kali Nikolou
  • Vera Korman
  • Freya Hattenberger
  • Julia Ortlieb
  • Emile Zile
  • Wouter Venema
  • Hermen Maat
  • Marieke Coppens
  • Battal Kurt
  • Weina
  • Zhifei Yang
  • Wypke Jannette Walen
  • Xiaoqin Huang
  • Wei Chen
  • Zenghui Xue
  • Jin Jing
  • Hechen Wang
  • Libin Chen
  • Zhenxi Mi

Opening: Friday October 17, 2008 at 5pm.
Duration: September 19 to October 10 2008
Open: Tuesday-Saturday 10-12 am & 3-5 pm

Xiamen University Art College
Chinese European Art Center

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People's Republic of China
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Press release

Exhibition: You can miss things you never had

By European and Chinese MFA students

Chinese European Art Center, Xiamen University, Art College
Tel:+86(0) 592  2180850
website www.ceac99.com

Opening: 5 pm Friday October 17 - 2008
Duration: Friday October 17 – Friday November 7 2008
Open: Tuesday till Saturday 10-12am & 3-5pm

The Chinese European Art Center invites you to the exhibition You can miss things you never had, a cooperation between postgraduate students of the Multimedia Department of Xiamen University Art College and the MFA students of the Sandberg Institute Amsterdam. Twenty European and Chinese students are selected for this show.

The exhibition You can miss things you never had is about the desire to transform. The title, referencing the sixties hit by Ike & Tina Turner, points to a quickly changing world and the longing to step forward and experience something new. It shows a concise interplay of young European and Chinese contemporary art. This fruitfull cooperation, strengthened and underlined once more in this exhibition, combines artworks about cultural identity and its perception as well as personal and unique positions.
Most of the works on view are specially created for this artistic intercultural encounter. Live performances take place during the opening.


Participating artists: Libin Chen, Wei Chen, Marieke Coppens, Nina Glockner, Freya Hattenberger, Xiaoqin Huang, Jin Jing,
Wypke Jannette Walen, Vera Korman, Battal Kurt,
Jenny Lindblom, Hermen Maat, Zhenxi Mi, Kali Nikolou, Julia Ortlieb, Wouter Venema, Zenghui Xue, Hechen Wang, Weina, Zhifei Yang and Emile Zile.  

Pictures of the exhibition (it can take a few minutes loading)