11 January - 27 January 2008

Kaleb de Groot and Roosje Klap
"Exquisite Gunpowder City 16 Shot"

at the Chinese European Art Centre
Opening party and book-launch
Friday January 11th at 17.00 hours

press release

Artists Kaleb de Groot and Roosje Klap are closing their four-month residency in China with
an exhibition and a book-launch at the Chinese European Art Centre (CEAC) in Xiamen,
under the title ‘Exquisite Gunpowder 16 City Shot’, referring to the always fantastic names of
fireworks and its’ awkward Chinese translations, as well as the amount of weeks they have
stayed in China.

This project focusses on the idea around implosion and explosion, producing broadband
ways to freeze-frame explosions in the most physical of forms. This is resulting in the
presentation of a very special ‘artist-book’ and a site-specific installation at the Chinese
European Art Centre in Xiamen.

They were both struck in different ways by the rigourous ways of the cities’ new floor plan,
demolishing beautiful authentic city along its hungry way. For the installation at the CEAC
Kaleb and Roosje have researched ways to make fast-growing mixtures and inflatables that
literally blow up or down in size. These spatial studies are referring to the frenzy in modern
(Chinese) architecture: after the construction these sculptures are rearranged in a new order
at the Art Center, to create both a floorplan and installation at the same time.

The book on the other hand will focus on the kaleidoscopic translation of the general
concept of ‘EGC16S’. The book holds two especially designed pop-ups: explosions in paper.
Furthermore, photoseries of their Xiamenese site-related outside event ‘Blowing up in Public’
is featured as well as drawings and other photographs. Kaleb and Roosje have also asked no
less then four internationally acclaimed writers to contribute for the book: fiction-writer Nina
Thibo (NL), war correspondent Joeri Boom (NL, chief editor for ‘De Groene Amsterdammer’,
Dutch opinion magazine), and curators Huib Haye van der Werf (USA/NL) and Florian Wüst
(D). All texts are completely translated in Chinese. The book is published by Revolver, archiv
fur aktuelle kunst, ISBN 978-3-86588-458-9; 128 pages, 285x210 mm, hardcover, sewn.
During their stay they kept a weblog on their findings in China as well as the work-process,
images and the project-description in full and more information about the artists is also to
be found there. You can find a link to this weblog via www.kalebdegroot.nl and www.
roosjeklap.nl (English)

Both project and publication are made possible with support of The Netherlands
Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture www.fondsbkvb.nl

Xiamen city
Fujian pr P.R. China